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To better prepare the young generation of students to love and master STEM areas, to attain STEM college degrees, and to remain competitive in future, math is the key. Solid mathematics understanding and skills would enable many more students interested in STEM fields. Accelerating math in your elementary and middle school gets you into a more advanced math program in high school, and this in turn gets you into a great college in any field. The value of a mathematics education lies not only in obtaining proficiency in computational tasks, but also in building a foundation for critical thinking. Our math program and tutoring will focus on problem solving, rather than the steps used to find the solutions. We instruct bright young students in the art of mathematical thinking and hope to better prepare their mathematical abilities and provoke/identify their love of curiosity, and thinking critically. Students who have never asked why things work the way they do are not prepared to lead the way to future scientific innovation. This independence of thought and questioning attitude is what our math program strives to nurture, which is well reflected in the  Ross Mathematics Program for high school students, one of most prestigious mathematics programs. 

Numerous researches have shown that the secret that kept kids from growing into professional scientists, engineers, and programmers is algebra, and the joy of learning algebra as well. It is the algebra skills divide people into STEM professionals and non-STEM professionals. Coincidentally algebra also plays a significant role in AI machine learning technologies. Mastering algebra is a must. For grades 3-8 students, our math programs focus on "pre-algebra" and "algebra I" to better prepare our students to face their high school math challenges.

Live Online Math Programs 

•  Virtual Singapore Math Classes  (Small-Group)


•  One-to-One Online Tutoring: A Personalized Experience

All tutoring is live and one-to-one with a teacher. Because our tutors are either college math students or school math teachers, you know you are getting a math expert who is passionate about the curriculum. In the one-to-one environment, teachers can take complex problems and break them down in a personalized way so each individual student understands and stays engaged. Pairing a student with a single teacher for each class allows us to put the student at the core of every class, providing them with one-on-one attention, guidance, and personalized instruction, and thus building a rapport and knowledge of teaching and learning styles.

The benefits of one-to-one instruction are well-documented. In a one-to-one setting, each student’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed consistently and fully without the distraction of other students or the teacher’s compensation for different levels in a group classroom. Each student can learn at his or her own pace and have the benefit of the tutor adapting to each individual learning style.

Tutoring is available 7 days a week and scheduling is flexible so students can supplement their learning with tutoring at AI Code Academy outside of regular school hours. We can create customized tutoring packages based on whatever your student needs.

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