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What is Singapore Math:

Did you know that the kids in Singapore score highest in math education? Every four years, a prestigious study is conducted to assess the latest trends in Math and Science education around the world. It is known as the Trends In Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), which is designed to help countries all over the world improve student learning in mathematics and science.

The Singapore Math method marked a change in how math was taught in many American classrooms and homeschool settings. The program uses the CPA Approach: a three-step learning model, moving from the Concrete (such as showing something using manipulatives) to the Pictorial (creating a visual representation on paper) to the Abstract (solving problems). 

In 2007, the California Department of Education approved the Primary Mathematics series (Standard edition) for use in all kindergarten and elementary schools in the state of California. Later on other States followed suit. Over two millions school children have since used Primary Mathematics both at school and in the home school environment. There are also a substantial number of parents supplementing their children's school program by tutoring at home with Primary Mathematics.

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How do I know what level to start at in Singapore Math? 

Singapore Math’s grades align with U.S. schools. Even so, it may be helpful to have your child take Singapore Math’s placement test

Primary Mathematics 1A                                 Primary Mathematics 1B

Primary Mathematics 2A                                 Primary Mathematics 2B

Primary Mathematics 3A                                 Primary Mathematics 3B

Primary Mathematics 4A                                 Primary Mathematics 4B

Primary Mathematics 5A                                 Primary Mathematics 5B

Primary Mathematics 6A                                 Primary Mathematics 6B 

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